Saturday, April 11, 2009

Best Auto Insurance Geico

I had many auto insurances before like AAA Insurance, Farmers Insurance etc; AAA had best customer support but the insurance rates were somewhat higher, Farmers Insurance was very expensive and not very friendly. Farmers Insurance also send too may mails annoying you with unnecessary information. So I started shopping around for new car insurance and found Geico. For Geico you pretty much do everything online. They only send emails (unless you ask for print), and have all your insurance information readily available on the Internet. You can renew your policy, add/change your car, add/change driver, print proof of insurance, just everything online.

The best thing is if you are involved in an accident they ask you to go to one of their preferred shop (but you can ignore that and make your own choice), and their contact person in that shop takes care of everything. Within 10-15 minutes you can walk out of the shop.

When I called the Geico insurance to report a minor accident they told me about the California auto insurance law about children car seats, and asked me to get new car seats. Farmers Insurance did not mention that when I reported an accident to them. You can read about the child car seat law in my earlier post.

Geico rates are at least $200-$300 cheaper than other insurances (at least in SF bay area). I think it is because they don't have an agent/middle man. If you are shopping for a new Auto Insurance give Geico a try, may be they will turn out to be a better for you too.